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What are Earth Points?

They're good for you, your company and the planet.

Frequent flyer points are gained by travelling for work. Earth Points are  rewards you received for NOT travelling.​​​
Trips are calculated on the flight distance between the two airports. The amount of carbon that is used on a flight of that distance is based on data from the United Nations' International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). ICAO has published the "ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator Methodology"
for the number of kilograms per flight hour.
Down To Earth has then averaged flight anomalies, such as as airport circling etc, and added that to our equation. Finally,  we have allowed that carbon emissions number to be increased based on the cabin rating. Economy class flights will product less emissions than premium cabins. 
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We always strive to make our algorithm accurate but as easy to use and practical as possible. For example we have chosen to not allow flights to be broken down into legs. We always welcome feedback to give your the most useful data calculation.
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